Shakeology Sunshine Bars Recipe

shakeology sunshine bars recipe

Shakeology Sunshine Bars

There are many ways to consume your “Healthiest Meal Of The Day”, Shakeology. Typically your Shakeology will come in the form of a liquid, or more specifically, a shake, but it is possible to actually eat your Shakeology. Below is a delicious and healthy recipe for Shakeology Sunshine Bars.

Chocolate Shakeology, honey, and bananas blend together to create this delicious snack.

Ingredients needed to make 10 servings:

  • 2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology
  • 3 scoops egg white powder
  • 2 cups oats
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • 4 Tbsp. honey
  • 4 Tbsp. almond butter
  • 2 bananas, mashed
  • 2 Tbsp. wheat germ
  • 2 Tbsp. flaxseed
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon

The total amount of time it should take to prepare these Sunshine Bars will be around 3 hours, unless you are like me and don’t know you way around the kitchen that well, then it may take you up to 5 hours…lol.


  1. Mix all dry ingredients together.
  2. Add almond milk, honey, and bananas and mix well with a spatula or your hands.
  3. After it’s well mixed, put mixture in an 8″ x 8″ pan. Cover with plastic wrap and press down to flatten into pan. Refrigerate for 3 hours.
  4. Remove from fridge, cut into 10 squares.
  5. Chow down and enjoy!

Shakeology Sunshine Bars Nutritional Information (per serving – serving size 1 bar)

  • Calories: 277
  • Cholesterol: 3mg
  • Fiber: 6g
  • Fat: 7g
  • Sodium: 120g
  • Sugar Total: 12g
  • Saturated Fat: 1g
  • Carbohydrate: 40g
  • Protein: 18g

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