Bill's P90x ResultsThis is Bill’s story. At 56 years old he is in great shape. After a really bad bike crash Bill had to have neck surgery and now has 2 titanium rods in his neck. His insurance would not cover the physical therapy he needed to get his strength back. Bill’s girlfriend recommended instead of physical therapy he do P90x. Bill had great results and is proof that P90x does work for older people to.




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“Before P90X, I couldn’t do any pull-ups. I was out mountain biking one day and went over a ramp, and the trajectory flipped me over backwards and broke my neck. When I heard the snap, I thought I was gonna be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. After the surgery, they put titanium rods in my neck, and the insurance company told the physical therapy people that they don’t cover physical therapy. And it was at that point my girlfriend Lisa, she said, ‘Well, I’m doing these videos. Maybe you can just do these videos and get your strength back.’ Tony, the trainer, just makes it fun, keeps you going. Once you push the play button, the workouts just fly . . . People look at me and they can’t believe that this body is 56 years old. And I love it; it’s great. Thank you, Tony. Thank you, P90X.”

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