Jennie Garth Does P90x
Jennie Garth Does P90x

You may remember her as Brenda Walsh’s rival, Kelly Taylor, in the popular 90’s hit show 90210. Now Jennie Garth is back for the 2010 version of the show where she plays the High School Counselor. Jennie still looks amazing and if you were wondering what she is doing to stay in such great shape and young looking, Jennie Garth does P90x.

I found this at and this is what Jenny had to say about the P90x Exercise Program:

“Every day is different,” she says. “One day is really hard yoga. Then arms and shoulders, legs, then karate. His (Tony Horton’s) program is made to confuse the muscles so you don’t plateau. I feel better now than I ever have.”

Keep in mind that all of the celebrities doing P90x are not being paid for their glowing reviews, they truly love the workout. This says a lot for Beachbody and P90x, it is the real deal.

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