Ashton Kutcher Uses P90x
Ashton Kutcher Uses P90x

Ashton Kutcher and Demi More are newest addition to the list of celebrities that are doing P90x. Ashton is using p90x to get in shape, apparently he is nervous about taking his shirt off in scenes for his upcoming movie, Killers. Ashton recently tweeted, ” stepping up the work outs to 2 a days. time to get serious. I’m so paranoid about doing scenes with my shirt off.”  From the photo of Asthon on the right right, it looks like he has a lot to be paranoid about, he looks horrible…lol.

Ashton’s wife, and actress, Demi Moore, both who are big time “tweeters”, tweeted a year ago that the couple has been using the P90x exercise program, although Demi had only done the yoga part of the program.

During a press conference, reports that Ashton admitted to accidentally knocking out a stuntman and kicking actor Rob Riggle in the face during the fight scenes. Based on what Ashton says, it sounds like the movie is going to have some pretty fantastic action scenes. “My stunt guy went to the hospital twice for jumping through glass. I did jump off a boat and I did most of the fight stuff. I bought one of those DVDs off the TV – those exercise tapes. And I put it in and watched it and got in shape. I did some fight training. I learned Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Kali, which is a Filipino knife fighting.” In case you’re wondering what Ashton works out to at home, it’s the P90X exercise program.

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