Every once in awhile I get asked the question, “what is Beachbody’s annual revenue?” So I decided to make a post showing Beachbody’s annual revenue numbers all the way back from 2000, where they made a measly 6 million dollars, up until the estimated earning of how 2012 will end, and the projected annual revenue year by year through 2015.

A few weeks ago I attend the Beachbody Coach leadership event in Dana Point, California. It was an “invite only” event limited to only 225 (out of 95,000) of the top performing Beachbody Coaches in the company. Overall the event was a great time, the resort was wonderful, Beachbody fed us with great, and of course healthy meals, we worked out live with the trainer’s for the Les Mills’ workouts, we got some great training, and I got to meet dozens of like minded people that have the same goals, ambitions, and intentions that I have, which was awesome because finding and meeting people like this is rare.

At the event, the training sessions we had went over exactly what I’m writing about in this post. The photos below were taken by me, on my cell phone. The photos are of slides that were shown to us during a training session at the leadership event. What you see in the graph below is very impressive:

Beachbody Annual Revenue Graph
Beachbody Annual Revenue (2000-2012)

As you can see from the graph above, Beachbody has had consistent growth in annual revenue for more than 1o years, which is pretty impressive considering that we are currently in what every economist is calling a “down economy”. You can also see that the growth between 2011 and 2012 was the biggest increase yet, increasing by a whopping 152 million in revenue.

How And Why Is Beachbody Having Consistent Growth In Annual Revenue?

The majority of the growth can be attributed to the Beachbody Coaches network. At the time of this writing there are approximately 95,000 Beachbody Coaches, and that number is growing fast. Shakeology, which is sold exclusively through the Team Beachbody Coach network, accounted for 83 million dollars in revenue, and 2012 is on pace to double that number, which would be some near 160 million in revenue just from Shakeology sales alone.

So while Beachbody is not a billion dollar company yet, as you can see from the graph above, reaching a billion dollars in annual revenue inevitable. The question isn’t whether or not Beachbody will do a billion dollars in annual sales, the only question is when.

The braniacs in suits and lab coats over at the Beachbody corporate headquarters in Santa Monica, California are predicting that in just a few years, 2015 to be exact, Beachbody will do a billion dollars in annual revenue. Check out the graph below:

Beachbody Projected Annual Revenues
Beachbody Projected Annual Revenues (2012-2015)

During the presentation where these photos were taken, we were told that these were realistic, and even loose predictions of projected revenues. I can’t remember who was giving the presentation, but he said it was better for the company to show low predictions, and beat them, versus showing high predictions, and not meeting them, which makes sense. Beachbody could possibly beat their predictions and become do a billion dollars in revenue in 2014.

The numbers don’t lie, Beachbody is a company on the move and will be a billion dollar company. One thing to consider is that currently, Beachbody’s business opportunity is only available in 2 markets, U.S., and very recently, Canada. With plans to expand internationally on the horizon, there is huge potential for growth. If you do your research and take a look at a few other network marketing companies, you’ll see that the “big hitters” are all in many markets on a global level, for example:

  • Avon (10.3 billion in annual revenue) – Over 6 million distributors in over 100 countries
  • Amway (8.4 billion in annual revenue) – Over 3 million distributors in over 80 countries
  • Mary Kay (2.5 billion in annual revenue) – Over 2 million distributors in 35 countries
  • Herbalife (2.3 billion in annual revenue) – 2 million distributors in 72 countries

Beachbody Is Still In Its Infancy Stage!

When you compare where Beachbody is at, with approximately 95,000 distributors (at the time of this writing) in just 2 countries, with the companies above, you can clearly see there is plenty of room for growth for Beachbody and their distributors (Coaches).

Consider this, when I look at the companies that I mentioned above, Avon, Amway, MaryKay, and Herbalife, I can’t name one product that these companies sell. Sure, I know that Avon and Mary Kay sell makeup, and I think Amway and Herbalife sell vitamins and bunch of other stuff, but I can’t name any of their actual products or brands. I’m sure they have great products, I just can’t name any of them. Beachbody is entirely the opposite, P90x and Insanity have become household names, everyone has heard of P90x!

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