Beachbody Business
Beachbody Business

There is a lot of hype recently over the Beachbody business opportunity. Although still fairly new, there are already over 60,ooo Beachbody Coaches, or distributors. Beachbody refers to those involved in the business as Coaches, which is really just another word for distributor because there isn’t really any “coaching” involved when it come to fitness, the trainers in the DVDs do the instructing.

The Beachbody business opportunity was launched in 2006 or 2007, and started out slow. Beachbody was already a successful company for 8 years before they decided to launch the Beachbody business opportunity. They easily could of gone the traditional route and sold their products in popular retail stores like Walmart or Target. But instead of going the traditional route, CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, had a different vision for the company. Carl wanted to create a way for the customers to have an incentive to stay in shape and also an incentive for referring their friends and family to Beachbody products. The coaching network does all of this perfectly. Customers now have an incentive to become a Coach and get involved in the Beachbody business.

How Does The Beachbody Business Work?

Beachbody has the type of products that people talk about naturally. Many customers were already telling friends about their P90x workouts, so why not reward them for it. Customers turned Coaches, can now send people to the website Beachbody gives them, and any sales made through their website will be tracked to them and  they will earn a 25% commission. Because of the great results produced with Beachbody products, people are always saying to customers, “you look amazing, what are you doing to get in in such great shape?”

Health and fitness comes up in conversation naturally everyday. People are always commenting on each other’s appearance, usually only the positive…lol, but it comes up often. This is why the Beachbody business concept works so well. Beachbody has the perfect “word of mouth” products.

A big thing that the Beachbody business has over other home hased businesses is brand awareness. Everyone has heard of P90x, and other workouts are gaining popularity fast. Insanity, Turbo Fire, and Shakeology are all hits in the making. The informercials Beachbody runs creates this brand awarness and also product demand. People are out searching for these products already, which makes them much easier to sell.

Beachbody Business – How To Make Money

The Beachbody business works by selling products to earn retail commissions, and also building a team of Coaches, where a Coach can earn bonuses on all of the volume created in their organization. And with it possible to have thousands, or even tens of thousands of Coaches in your organization, the earning potential is literally limitless. It is amazing that some Coaches are already earning over $10,ooo a week, which is very hard to accomplish in the short period of time the Beachbody business has been available.

Growing your Beachbody business is going to be challenging, but with consistent effort and patience it can be done. The only way to fail at building your Beachbody business is to quit.


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