Beachbody Emerald CoachAs a new Beachbody Coach, one of your first goals is to get to Emerald status. Reaching Emerald is important because this is when you will also qualify for Beachbody’s customer lead program, which is where they place customers into your business.

If you are a brand new Beachbody Coach, you are probably already overwhelmed with all of the information in your back office, it can be a lot to take in. So to make it simple, I’ve written below what it takes to qualify for Emerald status as a Beachbody Coach.
Emerald Coach – is Active by meeting the Emerald PV requirements of 50 PV and has one personally
sponsored Active Coach (or higher) in both legs.

So to achieve Emerald status, you only need to sponsor 2 new Coaches, and they need to buy or sell something to be considered “active”.

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