Statistically one could make the statement that most Beachbody Coaches fail, or don’t succeed at making any money from their business. If you look at the image below that was taken from the Statement Of Independent Coach Earnings for 2011, you can see that only 32.6% of Beachbody Coaches have reached the rank of Emerald or above. And the majority of that 32.6 % are Emerald rank (25.7%). Click Here to learn about the different Beachbody Coach Ranks.

Beachbody Coach Income Breakdown
Beachbody Coach Income Breakdown (Click To Enlarge)

So what does the chart above really show? What is the actual definition of success as a Beachbody Coach?

In my opinion, the low side of the numbers on the chart above are skewed because of several reasons. One reason may be because of the customers that decided to become Coaches solely for the discount on their own personal purchases. Sometimes customers will sign up to become a Beachbody Coach with no intention of actually working it as a business. If this is the case, then obviously the Coach/customer would not earn any money and not advance in rank.

Another reason I think the low numbers are not an accurate measurement of what is possible with this business opportunity is because the barrier of entry, or cost to become a Coach is very low. Because the cost to become a Coach is so low, I think there are many people that sign up with a, “I think I’ll give this a try” attitude. In other words, I think people sign up thinking that it is going to be easy and that they will see success with little effort. The truth is that the business is challenging and does take effort, and when those who signed up thinking it was going to be easy realize that some actual work is involved, they give up and quit. Because the investment to get started is so low, there really isn’t any risk involved which makes it easy for people to quit without losing much.

The fact of the matter is, starting any new business is challenging. 70% of all new business fail within the 10 years. So if we compare that statistic with the chart above, the percentage is similar if we define minimum success as a Coach as being Emerald rank or higher.

On the flipside, when I look at the chart above, I focus on the numbers in the far right column. These are the numbers that show the actual potential of what is possible as a Beachbody Coach. If you look at the bottom far right number on the chart, you can see that the highest amount a Beachbody Coach earned in 2011 was $1,423,863! Someone actually earned over a million dollars in one year as a Beachbody Coach. If you’re curious to know how that is even possible you can check out my post here.

The great thing about being a Beachbody Coach is that you are in charge of your success. The effort you put into your business directly reflects your final outcome. You will get credit for your success, and there is no one to blame for your failure but yourself. Many people don’t like to be directly in charge of lives and won’t be up for the challenge, but a few of you will be.

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