Beachbody Coach Scam
Beachbody Has An A+ BBB Rating

I’m often asked, “is this Beachbody Coach thing a scam?” I think people assume that being a Beachbody Coach means quick, easy money, which would mean “Beachbody Coach Scam“.  But being a Beachbody Coach is definitely NOT quick easy money, or a scam.

Many times in a network marketing business model like this that involves sponsoring or recruiting, those involved will often make it sound easier than it actually is to try and persuade their prospect to join the business. This has a negative effect on the person who is new to the business. They sign up under the impression that they are going to get rich with little or no effort at all. After a few months go by and no checks have come in, they realize that there is actually some real work involved in order to be successful, they end up quitting. After quitting, this is the guy or girl who says, “I tried that Beachbody Coach scam thing, it’s a load of crap”.

If anyone is telling that being a Beachbody Coach is easy money and that you will be making thousands in your first couple of months, don’t believe it, it is not true. These people are not only going to look bad to those they are sponsoring, but they are also giving the entire industry a bad name. This is where the whole “Beachbody Coach Scam” phrase comes from. People who have signed up with get rich quick hopes, only to be discouraged when they find out real work is involved. Instead of blaming themselves, they blame the company.

Being a Beachbody Coach is the same concept as having your own business and it should be treated like a real business. Just because there is very little to invest to get started does not mean that the business should be treated as a hobby or something to do just for fun. When treated as a real business, being a Beachbody can be very lucrative over time.

As in any industry, there is a learning curve in networking marketing. It can take up to a year to get competent and gain the knowledge necessary to be successful as a Beachbody Coach. If you’re working the business consistently, it should take about 3 years before you will be able to replace your regular “day job” income. And after five years you should be making a sizeable income of around $10,000 a month or more. This is a general timeline of any networking marketing business of someone who is actively working and growing their business. Of course it is possible to achieve greater results in a shorter amount of time and the opposite is always possible also, it could take longer. The great thing about being a Beachbody Coach is that you are paid directly according to what you produce, sho how much you make and how fast is entirely based on your own efforts.

So to get back to the Beachbody Coach scam topic, the question is not if the business opportunity is a scam or not, it is if the business model, network marketing, is a legitimate business model or not. Of course I’m biased because I am a Beachbody Coach, and am also a huge fan of network marketing. From everything I’ve read and studied, network marketing is definitely not a scam, however it is an industry that takes some effort to succeed in. There are also many other companies out there who pitch the “ground floor opportunity” hype, and take everyone’s money, only to fail in the first 6 month. People often get burned by the “hot and new” opportunities and they end up speaking badly towards the entire industry. To avoid getting scammed by these opportunities, it is very important to do your research and make sure you are signing on with a legitimate company.

So Is Being A Beachbody Coach A Scam?

As for this Beachbody Coach Scam thing, I can honestly say that it is the farthest thing from a scam that I have seen. It is a legitimate business, with real products that people love. Beachbody is also one of the few home based business opportunities to have an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.

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