Beachbody CoachOne of the things that sets the Beachbody Coach business opportunity apart from every other one out there is their customer lead generation program. Beachbody actually places customers into my business almost on a daily basis. Right now you are probably saying, “this sounds too good to be true, how can Beachbody do this? Where do these customers come from?

Beachbody is able to give out customers because of the infomercials they run. Beachbody spends a lot of money on creating, producing, and air time for their infomercials and they are all very successful. Successful meaning that the infomercials create a lot of sales. The customers that call in and order the products from the infomercials are the customers that Beachbody gives out to the Coaches. The number of customers Beachbody’s infomercials create is approximately 30,000-40,000 a week, so there are plenty to go around.

When comparing this to other home based businesses that offer no way help generate customers, Beachbody is a no brainer. Every other company out there sign you up, then says, “ok, now go sell”. Beachbody at least has a way to help you generate some customers. This can be huge, just imagine getting 5 customers a week placed in your business over the course of 1 year, that is 260 customers, over 5 years and you would have 1300 customers! This is a great incentive.

How Beachbody’s Customer Lead Generation Program Works:

A customers sees an infomercial and calls in and places an order. The customers is then placed in a Beachbody Coach’s business, the Coach won’t get a commission from the initial sale, but will get credit and commissions for all future purchases made by that customer. Now some customer’s will end up never buying another thing, but chances are they will buy something. Beachbody has a great line off supplements, protein bars, and Shakeology for them to choose from. These customers also make great leads to convert into a Coach, they already use the products, so why not become a Coach.

So What’s The Catch?

There is a small but reasonable catch. In order to qualify for the customer lead program that are a few criteria a Beachbody Coach must meet. The biggest thing is to get to Emerald status, which is pretty easy to do. To get to Emerald, a Coach has to personally sponsor 2 active Coaches, one in the left leg and one in the right leg. Along with being Emerald, there are 3 other simple requirements a Coach must meet to qualify for the customer leads:

  1. Engage in at least 8 “real time” WOWY® workouts in the preceding 30 days (takes 2 seconds…see video here)
  2. Be a Club member
  3. Have posted a completed profile page with at least a “before” photo and bio

The above 3 requirements are very simple to meet and will only take a few minutes of your time and a small quarterly fee for the club membership. It is getting to Emerald that will take a little bit of time, although I’ve seen people become Emerald in the first couple of days, so it is not very hard to do.

Beachbody had to come up with some sort of requirements for Coaches to qualify for the customer lead program, it is a great incentive to get Coaches to at least sponsor 2. Without the requirements there would be a ton of people signing up to be a Coach and expecting free customers, this would not work. The program is Beachbody’s way of rewarding those Coaches who are treating this like a real business and have made it to the first step of becoming Emerald. If you think you can not at least sponsor 2 other Beachbody Coaches, this business is probably not for you.

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