Shakeology, The Healthiest Meal Of The Day!
Shakeology, The Healthiest Meal Of The Day!

Beachbody coaches got some great news today. An email was sent out to Beachbody coaches letting us know that we’ll soon be receiving Shakeology customers and commissions completely for free. This is awesome! What other home based business company is able to give away free customers? There is none. This is great news and will help all Beachbody coaches generate more volume which means more commissions for everyone.

This Was The News I Received From Beachbody:

Just because Shakeology is exclusive to Team Beachbody® doesn’t mean we can’t offer the benefits of this great product to our Beachbody® customers. We’ve begun sending limited email campaigns to a portion of the Beachbody family and driving them to shopping cart to purchase.

Any customer who isn’t already a member will be asked to create an account. Once they sign up, they’ll be assigned a Coach through the Customer Lead Program, and their new Coach will receive full commissions and volume on the order.

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