Beachbody Coach Millionaires
Screenshot From Carl's Facebook Wall

Beachbody’s home based business opportunity is creating millionaires, SERIOUSLY!

A few days while on facebook I saw a post on the CEO and founder of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler’s wall, that said,


“I just learned that the 10th Team Beachbody Millionaire has been crowned: Robert Hudgens, proves that you really can succeed when you decide to help others reach their goals. That’s what happens with momentum… it starts slow, almost impossible to see, but follow the Game Plan, and over time the snowball becomes an unstoppable avalanche!”

First, congrats to Robert Hudgens, earning that kind of income in this business in such a short period of time is not easy to do. It is amazing that in only 5 years, Beachbody has already created 10 millionaires, and hundreds of other Beachbody Coaches earning some nice cheddar (click here if you don’t know what cheddar is…lol).

In Carl Daikeler’s quote from his facebook post above, he mentions how it starts out slow, then overtime, starts to snowball. This is exactly how this business model works. It takes some hard work and effort to get the ball rolling, but once the ball is rolling, it snowballs and become an unstoppable force.

With the Beachbody Coach business model, it is possible to build a team of Coaches and earn bonuses on the volume your entire team generates. There is no limit to the size of the team you can build, and over time, with exponential growth, it is possible to build an organization with hundreds and even thousands of Coaches in it. This is what makes it possible to be able to earn such a sizable income.

In theory, a Beachbody Coach would only need sponsor 2 other Coaches, 1 in each leg, who both did really well, in order to build a large organization. This business models relies on teamwork because you have vested interest in the Coaches that you bring into the business,  you want them to do well so you provide all of the help and support you can.

If you don’t know much about network marketing and would like to more on how the business model works, below are 2 great audios that explains benefits and advantages of this business model.

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