beachbody groupon dealsBeachbody, the company behind the popular in home workout programs, P90x, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Slim In 6, Brazil Butt Lift, Body Beast, and many more is a company that has seen incredible growth over the past 10 years (click here to see exact numbers). The reason for Beachbody’s consistent growth is very simple, they create great products that get results, and they also have a great marketing team.

About 6 years ago, a the time of this writing, Beachbody also launched a home business opportunity that gives people a chance to make money for referring friends, family, coworkers, and etc, to Beachbody products. Beachbody calls their distributors “Coaches”, but they are not health and nutrition experts. Most Beachbody Coaches are just regular customers, the use and the love the products.

Beachbody’s home business opportunity is also a big factor in the continual growth they have seen. Currently there is just under 100,000 Beachbody Coaches. 100,000 may seem like a large number, but that number is actually very small in the home based business world. To compare, Avon, which uses the same business model as Beachbody, has over 6 million distributors in over 100 countries. Beachbody’s business opportunity is currently only available in 2 countries, U.S., and Canada, but plans to go international are in the works. So if you compare Avon’s numbers to Beachbody’s, you can see that there is plenty of room for growth.

The reason Beachbody’s business model works so well is because they have the perfect word-of-mouth product. Think about it, if you lose 10, 20, or even 30 pounds, everyone that you know is going to ask you, “how’d you lose the weight?” This is when you simply let them know what Beachbody workout you’re doing and tell them about your healthiest meal of the day, Shakeology. Many customers will refer and recoomend Beachbody products anyway, so why not become a Coach and get paid for it?

Beachbody’s Groupon Deals

Beachbody spends over 100 million dollar a years in advertising. This is something that no other home business has never done. What is special about this advertising is that is creates 3 things for the Coaches (distributors). It creates brand awareness, product demand, and leads for the Coaches. The customers that Beachbody’s ads create, are given out to distributors that qualify, to follow up with and and make future sales to. With an average of new 50,000 customers being created each week, there are plenty of leads to go around.

Beachbody is well known for the infomercials they run, but they also run prints ads, radio ads, and have recently started running some Groupon ads. Any ad that Beachbody runs is good for the Coaches, because it creates more customers, which are then turn into leads for the Coaches, this is very important to know and understand.

I recently had a conversion with another Coach, who was initially upset because Beachbody was running a Groupon special. The special was 50% off Turbo Fire, and they also allowed Beachbody Coaches to offer the same discounted prices.

This Coach was upset because he wanted know, “how am I supposed to compete with Groupon?”

I explained that we are not “competing” with Groupon, and that Beachbody paying to run these ads is actually beneficial to the Coaches because it creates the 3 things I mentioned above, brand awareness, product demand, and most importantly, LEADS! Groupon is reaching people that may have never been reached any other way, and then placing that person in a Coach’s business, this is a GOOD thing.

It is important to understand that as Beachbody Coaches, our biggest income generator is Shakeology. The fitness programs are awesome, and people love them, but the problem is that that they are not consumable products. When someone buys a P90x or Insanity workout, they never need to buy it again, there is no recurring sale.

Shakeology on the other hand is consumable, the customers uses drinks it, then reorders more. It is great to make a P90x sale, but a Shakeology HD sale will be much more profitable for the Coach. It is important to realize that while the fitness programs are great, they are just lead ins to our money maker product, which is Shakeology.

Beachbody seems to being doing all of the right things. They create awesome products, and have a business opportunity that those with an entreprunerial spirit can take part earn in to earn some extra income.

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