Ben Stiller P90x
Ben Stiller Does P90x

P90x makes the Tonight Show! Last night, shrunken comedy actor, Jonah Hill, appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jonah was noticeably smaller and it was obvious he had lost a considerable amount of weight. Jay asked Jonah what he did to lose the weight and Jonah replied by saying he was eating right and exercising. What a shocker? I never would of thought that eating healthy and exercising would make someone lose weight, what a concept! Anyhow, Jonah went on to mention that his costar in a new movie he is currently working on, Ben Stiller, is doing P90x and how he is in “crazy good shape”. He also mentioned that Ben convinced him to try P90x, although he stated that he hasn’t really dived into it yet.

I’m adding Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill to the list of professional athletes and celebrities that do P90x.

As a Beachbody Coach, it is always great to see Beachbody products in the media. Ben Stiller is in amazing shape and him crediting P90x for that says a lot. P90x is not just some silly fad. It is an intense workout that has become so popular because it produces results for anyone who follows the program. There is no fancy equipment needed, and it can be done in a small one bedroom apartment.

See Jonah’s interview with Jay Leno in the video below:

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