body beast day 2 review
Body Beast Day 2

Today was day 2 of Body Beast and the workout call for the Build-Legs workout. If I had to describe this workout with one word, it would simply be “OUCH!”. This workout is filled with squats, lunges, and calf raises. What is hard about this workout is that it is so fast paced and there is hardly any rest in between sets. This was my first time doing this workout and I kind of struggled to keep up with the pace of the video, but I’m sure I’ll do better next time around.

What I like about the Body Beast Build-Legs workout was that it was only 38 minutes long, which seems super short if you compare to the hour long P90x workouts I’m used to doing.

I made my post workout “Beast Shake” a little different today. The shake is made up of the Base Shake powder, Fuel Shot Powder, and creatine. I mixed it all up in a Magic Bullet with a little bit of ice, a little bit of water, and some orange juice. The shake actually tasted pretty good and was an overall total of 460 calories. I plan to experiment with many more recipes as I go through the 90 days of this workout.

If you plan on doing Body Beast, you’re going to need a set of dumbbells. Already in the first 2 days I’ve used every dumbbell weight between 5lbs-40lbs.

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