We’re halfway through the NFL season and so far Brett Favre is having a great year.  The Vikings are 7-1, and Brett Favre, who is forty years old, is still “bringing it”. He has 16 touchdown passes, which tie him for NFL lead, and a passer rating of 106.0, which is the NFL’s 4th best. After last season, I personally thought it was time for him to call it quits, he’s just too damn old to be out there with those younger, stronger, faster guys.

Brett Favre Does P90x
Brett Favre Does P90x

That I was until I found out his secret. P90x. Apparently Brett Favre has twittered about his P90x workouts. Could P90x be the reason this 40 year old fart could have the best season of his career? It is definitely a reasonable explanation.

Other professional athletes such as Ray Lewis and David Akers have spoken to the media about their P90x results. David Akers contributes P90x to the reason why he is kicking the best he ever has.

Maybe we’ve found the fountain of youth…P90x…Bring It!!

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