Beachbody Coach Business Building
Beachbody Coach Business Building...Kinda

Building a successful Beachbody Coach business fast is hard. The business model is set up in a way that it takes time for it to grow. Don’t get me wrong, as a Beachbody Coach (distributor) it is always possible to sell products and earn a 25% commission. But making consistent sales for most people can be challenging.

So what does a Coach do? How Does a Coach go about making money?

My recommendation is to understand from the beginning that this business takes time to build and grow. And when I say build a grow, I’m talking about the sponsoring of new Coaches into your organization. Along with earning commissions from retailing products, Beachbody Coaches are also able to build a team, and organization of Coaches, where they will earn bonuses on all of the sales volume created within their organization.

There is no limit to the size of a Beachbody Coach’s team or organization. It starts with sponsoring 2 new Coaches into the business, then teaching them how to do the same. A Coach’s organization is made up of 2 legs, that go down to infinite levels. It is possible to grow an organization of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of Coaches. A large organization would create large sales numbers, which would earn more cycle bonuses for the Coach at the head of the organization, obviously results in more income.

The thing is, building a large organization takes time, years even. So the team cycle bonuses in the beginning are very low. But as time goes by, and the team keeps slowly growing and growing, before you know hit a mark where both legs have completely taken off and are growing almost by themselves, without you.

So how is build a Beachbody Coach business like digging a ditch?

What If I told you that, if you were to dig ditches, 70 hours a week, 7 days a week, for a year straight, you would make $10,000 a month after that first year and no longer have to dig those ditches. You’d have the money consistently coming in, and you would have the time freedom to do whatever you wanted. You could even continue to dig ditches all day long if you wanted. Would you take me up on that offer? Bust your ass for a year to make $10,000 a month while doing whatever you wanted? It is kind of like The Parable Of The Pipeline story.

I’d bet most people would take me up on that offer. This is the same concept involved in building any network marketing business. Work hard and bust your ass for the first 3-5 years, and you’d be able to build a large organization that would be earning you enough income to walk away completely, and still earn a very nice living. Work hard for 5 years, then have the freedom to travel the world, focus on new projects, spend time with family, do whatever it is you want to do.

In my opinion most people don’t see it this way. They sign up, expecting it to be easy, then quit after a few months after they haven’t made any money. Then they blame the company and the business model. But why would anyone expect the business to be easy? It’s not. It is just like any other job or profession. It takes time to acquire the skills and abilites necessary to succeed. You can’t just walk right in expecting to do great. This industry takes time to learn. You need to read books, listen to audio tapes, invest in yourself to raise your own value to othera. There is a learning process involved.

But in the end, that learning process is well worth the reward. The hard work for 3-5 years is definitely worth the 20, 30, or 40 years of financial and time freedom you’ll have.

So what do you think?


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