Do I Need To Do P90x Before I Can Do P90x2?

The sequel to P90x, called P90x2, is now available for pre-order and will start shipping out sometime right before Christmas. Beachbody has not given an exact shipping date, they are only guaranteeing delivery before Christmas if you pre-order before the first run sells out.

The sequel to P90x2 is going to be tough. I’ve seen some of the previews for it and it looks awesome. A common question people are asking is, do I need to be is great shape or at least finished P90x before I can do P90x2? I would say yes, P90x2 is a continuation of the original P90x, so you will want to at least get 1 round of P90x in before you give P90x2 a try. And even one round of P90x might now be good enough, it make take a few rounds of P90x before you are able to handle P90x2.

However, if you’re a “hot shot” who is in awesome shape, feel free to give P90x2 a try. You might be able to handle it, but I’ll be betting against you.

There are few changes made to the P90x2 schedule that sound very good. Instead of 6 day a week, like the original P90x, P90x2 is only 5 days a week. And instead of a 90 minute yoga session, which is what P90x had, P90x2 has a yoga session that is only about an hour long. Other than that, P90x2 is designed to keep the muscle confusion going and to get the greatest results possible in the shortest amount of time.

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