Does P90x Work For Women?
Does P90x Work For Women? - I'd Say Yes

I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercial, you’d have to be living on another planet to have not come across a P90x infomercial at some point in your life. You might be wondering if P90x really works and more specifically does P90x work for women. In this post I’m going to be answering your question and my goals is to help you decide if P90x is right you.

Does P90x Work For Women? – YES!

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The short and quick answer is yes, P90x does work for women. A women, at any fitness level, and at any age will get great results with P90x in 90 days. The infomercial makes the workout program seem super intense, and I understand how it can be intimidating to some women, heck, it even intimates me. The truth is that although P90x is an intense program, it can be modified to suit any individual at any fitness level. For example, if doing regular push ups is to difficult, you have the option to drop to your knees to make them a little easier. After some time goes by and you build up some strength, you’ll eventually be able to do regular push ups, it just takes some time.

All f the modified moves are demonstrated in the videos and they do an excellent job of explaining exactly how do to them. The best advice while doing P90x which I’m taking directly from Tony Horton himself is to “do your best, and forget the rest”. Don’t expect to be able to keep up with the people in the video right from the start, if you could keep up, that would mean it is too easy for you. Over the course of 90 days, you’ll be amazed out how far you’ve progressed.

Does P90x Work For Women? – Ask Jill?

Below is Jill’s story and experience with P90x, she got amazing results and is inspiration and motivation to women everywhere.

So does P90x work for women? I think Jill’s story above is undeniable proof that is definitely does. It is important to know that P90x is not a get skinny quick trick, fad diet, or some kind of miracle pill that claims to make you lose 20 pounds of fat in 14 days. P90x is challenging workout program that implement consistent exercise with eating healthy. Losing weight and getting in shape is hard, it takes real work and discipline. Those looking for quick fixes and spending money on miracle diet pills end up always being disappointed.

Does P90x work for women? – It does if you follow the program.

Another concern women often have is hat P90x will make them too muscly or too bulky. Don’t worry, this is something that is not an issue. Often times women stick to a 100% cardio exercise program, which is NOT what you want to do. Strength training provides many benefits that you will be missing out on if you are not doing it. Don’t believe me? Just read this article from As for bulking up, there are also many reasons why women don’t need to be concerned about bulking up. Here is a great article that lists the top 10 reasons that heavy weight won’t bulk up a women.

So in conclusion, the answer to the question, “Does P90 work for women?”, is a definite YES. Take the challenge, it can litelrally change your life.

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