Donna D'Errico Does P90x
Donna D'Errico Does P90x

P90x has become so popular that it has been hard to keep up with all of the professional athletes and celebrities that are talking about it, but I couldn’t leave this one out. Blonde bombshell, former Baywatch babe, playboy model, and ex-wife of rock star Nikki Sixx, Donna D’Errico has been tweeting about P90x.

I can remember being in love with Donna D’Errico back in the late nineties when she was on Baywatch. If I can remember correctly, I think she replaced Pamela Anderson on the show. Back then Baywatch was one of my favorite shows, not so much for the story lines, but really because I loved looking at the …um… beautiful beaches of California. Hey can you plan be me? I was like 15 years old and we didn’t have the internet back then so we had to take what we could get…lol.

Anyhow, Donna has recently been tweeting about her P90x workouts, check out one of her recent tweets below:

“Ok seriously @CarlDaikeler. I just did @P90X Chest and Back for the 2nd time – and I think it’s really working!”

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I can’t think of any other person that would rather have endorse the P90x CHEST and back workout…well, maybe Kate Upton. But  either way, as a Beachbody Coach is great to this kind of free publicity for Beachbody products. Beachbody creates awesome products that have proven to get results. I’m happy to be a part of this great company!

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Donna D'errico Tweets About P90x


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