Erin Andrews Does P90x
Erin Andrews Does P90x

ESPN reporter, and contestant on Dancing With Stars, Erin Andrews does P90x to stay in shape. Erin has mentioned P90x on more than one occassion. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrasted, Erin uses P90x in a sentence a a verb. Here is her quote, “It’s a different kind of being in shape. There’s really no time to eat because you’re dancing so much. You also don’t want to eat a big meal because you have to dance. So you have to force yourself to eat. And I’m trying to eat a lot because I know I’m burning it off. I feel like I’m a lot slimmer. I feel like I lost the weightlifting kind of muscle because I’m not doing any of that stuff. Before, when I was on the road with college football and college basketball, I would P90X and everything like that with the guys. But I’m not lifting any weights. I’m just longer and leaner.

Erin Andrews also mentioned P90x is US Magazine in the Healthy Lifestyle section. This is what Erin was quoted as saying, “I also did P90X [an exercise DVD set combining plyometrics, martial arts and yoga] with the ESPN guys on the road,” adds the nondieter, who has even begun indulging in desserts and regular Coke (“because it has more calories!”) to stop shrinking.

So if you’ve ever wondered how Erin Andrews stays in great shape, its P90x.

Erin Andrews On Kimmel P90x
Erin Andrews Looking Good On Kimmel

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