Are you looking for a free download of P90x?

Free P90x Download

You won’t find it here. But you will find some good reasons why not to download P90x.

  1. For one, it, it’s illegal. Check out this story about a woman caught with pirated Beachbody movies, she faces up to 90 years in jail and over $12 million in fines. Read More
  2. It will take forever. P90x is not just one workout DVD, it is 12 DVDs that average an hour each. That means you will have to download 12 hours of video, and then burn it to a disk, this will take days of work, why not just pay for it?
  3. P90x is not just made up of workout DVDs, it also comes with a program guide that shows you the specific order of the workouts needed to produce the best results, it also explains in great detail how and why the program works and what to do to achieve the best results possible. P90x also comes with a nutrition guide which is very important and explains how you’ll actually have to up your calorie intake while doing the P90x exercise program. The key is to get the “right” calories and the nutrition guide explains how to do this.
  4. Let’s face it, you will give a better effort and will be more likely to complete the program if you pay it.

At only $10 per DVD, P90x really is a great deal. It is like working out with a personal trainer right in your own home. When compared to the price of a monthly gym membership, which can be up to $50 a month and more, P90x makes much more sense and you’ll even continue to do it after the 90 days are up. P90x has changed the lives of many people and at only $120, it’s a bargain.

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