Stuck in traffic with nothing to do? Recline the car seat, pull out your Iphone and load up the P90x app and get some ab ripper x in. Wifey nagging about something silly again? Pull out your Iphone and start doing some Yoga X, that’ll shut her up.

But seriously, I’ve got great news! The official P90x IPhone app has been officially released and it looks awesome. Now you can do your workout on your Iphone anywhere. Beachbody did an awesome job re-creating the P90x workouts specifically for a cell phone app. All of the exercise moves were shot so they can clearly be seen and replicated. This is the toughest app on the Iphone!

I remember back in the day playing super simple games like tetris on my cell phone and being amazed by it. Nowadays, there is literally an app for just about everything, even your P90x workouts. The P90x app is currently only available for the Iphone, but I am sure there are plans in development to make one for android phones to.

How To Buy The P90x IPhone App:

You can purchase the P90x Iphone App in just a few easy steps:

It’s simple, you will be up and running and ready to “Bring It” anytime, any place.

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