NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Hines Ward, mentioned P90x recently on ABC’s hit show, Dancing With The Stars. Hines Ward was winded and out of breath when his dance routine was finished and compared it to a “P90x workout”. Hines obviously does the P90x workouts and know how tough they can be. He is the latest addition to list of celebrities and professional athletes that do P90x.

This is proof of how great the P90x really workout is. When a professional athlete, like standout wide receiver, Hines Ward, who was the Super Bowl XL MVP, chooses to do the P90x workout, instead of workout with personal trainers, it has to be a great workout. I’m certain Hines could afford the best trainers in town, and have access to the fanciest fitness machines, yet he still decides to do P90x.

Here is the video  clip of Hines Ward on Dancing With The Stars mentioning P90x.

P90x is a 90 day workout program that is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your. It is made up of 12 workouts that will work out every muscle in your body and keep your muscles confused, so they don’t plateau and keep getting results. P90x will make you lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve flexibility, and increase all aspects of your physical fitness. Millions have been sold and it is almost impossible to find any negative feedback on the 90 day workout program, which is very rare of any product or service.

If P90x is good enough for an elite athlete like Hines Ward, it is definitely good enough for the average Joe Schmoe, like yourself 🙂

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