How Does Shakeology Work
How Does Shakeology Work?

I get asked the question all of the time, “how does Shakeology work?” This is kind of a vague question, but I think I understand what these people are asking. These people want to know if Shakeology does work, and what exactly is in it that makes it so good for the body?

How Does Shakeology Work?

Shakeology is made up of over 70 high quality ingredients, some of these ingredients are considered “superfoods”. All of Shakeology’s ingredients are all natural, and it contains no preservatives or artificial flavors. In addition to being healthy for you, Shakeology tastes delicious. You will be shocked at how great Chocolate Shakeology tastes, it really does taste like an ice cream milkshake that you would get in a local diner.

I have a different opinion on taste when it comes to the Greenberry flavor, to be completely honest I’m not a fan of it. Although different recipes can be used to change the flavor or Greenberry, and because taste is subjective to each individual anyhow, you can give it a try and form your own opinion of it yourself, you might love it. Just because I don’t like the taste of Greenberry Shakeology doesn’t mean that you won’t. I hope that you take comfort in the fact that just because I am a Beachbody Coach, I don’t just automatically say,”Greenberry Is Delicious!” I wouldn’t feel right flat out lying like that, this is how you know I am telling the truth about the taste of  Chocolate Shakeology, it really does taste great.

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Another flavor has recently been added to the Shakeology family, Tropical. It actually was released today, I’ve placed my order and am excited to receive it so I can taste it, I’ll be sure to make a post giving my review of it.

So back to the original question, how does Shakeology work? Shakeology “works” because it is healthy for you. Shakeology can be used as a meal replacement shake, or a midday snack. The concept behind the meal replacement strategy is very simple. If you want to lose some weight, replace one meal a day with Shakeology. Depending on what your normal diet consist of, Shakeology is most likely much better for you than what you are normally eating for breakfast or lunch.

How Does Shakeology Work? – Watch The Video Below

Shakeology is a complex product so I feel like I don’t give it justice when some one asks me, “how does Shakeology work? My best advice is to not take my word for it, but the watch the video below and hear what the experts have to say about Shakeology. I can tell you that it tastes great, curbs my cravings, and gives me energy, but the experts in the video below will be able to give a more in depth look into how Shakeology actually works.

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