How Many Calories Does Insanity Burn
How Many Calories Does Insanity Burn?

I often get the question, “how many calories does the Insanity workout burn?” This is actually a difficult question to answer specifically because it depends on which Insanity workout you are referring to specifically, and also because the amount of calories burned will vary from person to person depending on several factors.

Factors That Influence The Amount Of Calories Burned During An Insanity Workout

The amount of calories burned during an Insanity workout will vary depending on the individual’s age, weight, heart rate, and level of intensity. The goal of each Insanity workout is to push yourself to your limit, and we all have a different limit. You don’t want to just go through the motions of the workout, you have to work hard if you want to get the best results possible.

So how many calories does the Insanity workout burn? Generally speaking, I’d say that an Insanity workout burns approximately 400-600 calories. Again, this amount will depend on the level of intensity of your workouts. The hard you work, the more calories you will burn.

How To Track The Calories You Burn During Your Insanity Workout

It is possible to keep track of the number of calories you burn during your Insanity workouts, or any workout. Wearing a heart rate monitor during your workouts will give you a fairly accurate reading of the number of calories burned. The Polar FT60 is a wristwatch that can do this for you. The wristwatch is a heart rate monitor, and you input your height, weight, and set your resting heart rate. With this information, the watch is able to keep track of how many calories you burn during your Insanity workout. Remember, the number this watch gives you will be close, but not exact.

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to determine how many calories you’ve burned during your Insanity workout is that these workouts use the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) method. HIIT workouts have been scientifically proven to burn fat faster than traditional long cardio sessions. With HIIT workouts, your body continues to burn calories for hours after you’ve completed your workout. These “afterburn” calories are calories that you will not be able to track with your heart rate monitor.

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