Make Extra Income With ShakeologyBeing a personal trainer can be a very fulfilling profession. Trainers get to help people live better lives by getting people in shape.

However, there are only so many hours in a day, so as a trainer you are limited to the number of clients you are able to work with, which limits the amount of money you are able to earn.

So how can a personal trainer earn additional income?

Recommending products and supplements is a great way for personal trainers to earn some extra money. As a personal trainer, you are probably already recommending prodcuts to your clients, so why not get paid for it? Some research must be done though, you don’t want to ruin your reputation or lose your integrity by recommending useless or ineffective products just to earn a buck. You will want to recommend products that you have used yourself and have had actual experiences with.

Finding the the rights products to recommend is only the first step. Once you have a product you want to recommend, you’ll have to find a way to get compensated for it. If you are telling your clients to go out a get a protein supplement, you don’t want them to run out to GNC and purchase it, you’ll want them to go somewhere that you will get credit for the sale.

How can you insure you’ll get credit for your referrals?

Start a website of your own. (This is something I can help you with…Click Here) With a website you will be able to refer clients directly to your website. It is simple to become an affiliate for popular health and fitness companies and all the sales made from your website will be tracked so you will receive a commission for all sales made through your website.

As a personal trainer, a great product to recommend is Shakeology. As a distributor of Shakeology you will be given a website that tracks all of your sales. Simply refer your clients to your website, and when sales are made, you will receive a commission. You won’t need to worry about buying inventory or shipping the product, all of that is taken care of for you. You will also have some some great marketing tools to use to help make sales. Just give out a sample, and a DVD of our 100 Doctors Don’t Lie Video…Click Here To Watch It Now

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