orange_bb_logoI wanted to explain the importance of Beachbody Coaches becoming Emerald. Becoming Emerald is the first step to becoming a  success Beachbody Coach. It is pretty simple, to become Emerald you only need to sponsor 2 other Beachbody Coaches. Those personally sponsored Coaches need to be active, which means they have either bought or sold the required 50 pv it takes to be considered active. So to become Emerald, you need to personally sponsor 2 active Coaches, one in your left leg, and one in your right leg.

Why is becoming Emerald so important?

Once a Beachbody Coach becomes Emerald they become qualified for Beachbody’s customer lead generation program. This is where Beachbody places paying cutomers into your business for you to receive future commissions on anything they purchase from Beachbody. This is an example of this works: Let’s say Johnny Boy is sitting at home watching a P90x infomercial. He likes what he sees and decides to call up and buy P90x. Johnny Boy receives his P90x, and is also placed into an Emerald Beachbody Coach’s business. The Coach will not receive a commission from the P90x purchase, but will receive a commission on all of Johnny Boy’s future purchases from Beachbody. Now this is where it gets good. Once Johnny Boy starts his P90x workout, the DVDs suggest that they purchase the P90x Recovery Drink, the P90x Protein Bar, the P90x Performance Bar, and the push up stands and resistance bands. The Emerald Beachbody Coach who was given Johnny Boy will receive commissions on any of the products Johnny Boy buys. Most P90x purchasers love the workout and most likely will purchase one of these other Beachbody products. The Beachbody Emerald Coach ends up making commissions for not really doing any real work. It’s great. So that is why it is important to become Emerald as quickly as possible, so you can start receiving these free customers.

There is no elevator to success, you must take the stairs

Once you become Emerald and start receiving free customers from Beachbody’s customers lead generation program, be patient. On average, I’m currently receiving 1 customer a day. Over the course of a year that is close to 400 paying customers I have in my business, not including the ones I brought in on my own. This business plan will insure that I will grow year after year. This is why Beachbody’s home business opportunity is like no other around, they give us customers!

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