Is Insanity Too HardOne of the most common questions I’m asked from people that are not in the greatest shape is, “is Insanity too hard?” If you’ve seen the infomercial or any clips somewhere online, it can be intimidating. The moves are intense, people are dripping in sweat, and Shaun T is hovering over them screaming at them to “digg deep”. If you are someone that has not exercised in awhile, I can understand why you might have second thoughts.

So Is Insanity Too Hard?

It is hard for me to answer this question generally, the answer really depends on each individual. But, fro my experience, I would say no, Insanity is a workout that anyone can do, even if you are overweight and out of shape. The reason that anyone can do Insanity is simple, if you get exhausted and out of breath during the workouts, just take a short break to get catch your breath, then jump right back in. Shaun T even mentions this in videos during the workouts and encourages people to take breaks when they need them. If you are tired and can’t maintain the proper form of the exercise, it’s time to take a break.

If you think you are out of shape, chances are that you will not be bale to make it through the entire Insanity workout without taking a break. You may even have trouble getting through the warm up. This is completely fine and is expected. Don’t get discouraged because you need to take breaks, especially when starting out. If you can get through the an entire workout on your first day, it is too easy.

Track your progress by constantly taking less breaks. Always push your limits and lessen the number of breaks you take, and the duration of your break. On your first week of your Insanity workout you might find yourself resting for 15-20 minutes out of the entire 35 minute workout. Work at lowering that resting time each and every workout and you will be shocked at how much you will have improved in only 60 days. It is important to realize that results don’t happen overnight, these things take time.

Get the question, “is Insanity too hard?” out of your head and just take action and get started. Below is a video of an Insanity review by Felicia. Felicia is 34 years old, was overweight, and admits to not being able to do one push up before starting Insanity. Felicia didn’t ask, is Insanity too hard? She just got started and did here best. You can see in the video that she had amazing results and lost a total of 37 pounds.

Is Insanity Too Hard? – No, Just Do Your Best

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