Congratulations to Katelyn who got amazing results from Hip Hop Abs, P90x, and Shakeology!

Not only did Katelyn lose 30 pounds, she also won $500 from The Beachbody Challenge. Check out Katelyn’s before and after pictures below:

P90x And Hip Hop Abs Results
Achieved By Working Out And Drinking Shakeology!

Hear Katelyn’s story in here own words below:

“I’ve never been very happy with my body. I’d work out for a week, then stop and go right back to the kind of diet that would make a 10-year-old boy proud. It was just easier to ignore my self-esteem issues and just keep gorging myself. But last year, I got hurt and I lost everything in a house fire.

I was devastated. So I went overboard, eating everything I could to blot out the anxiety. Luckily, I had a friend who was a Beachbody Coach. She told me how Beachbody helped her with her self-destructive issues. But I didn’t get it until one night—after I’d inhaled a bag of chips and my fourth soda—I realized that I was the problem. In order to change, I had to want to change.

So I called Nyle and she recommended Hip Hop Abs since I’d danced in musicals and show choirs. I fell in love—the music, the constant moving and grooving, Shaun T. Somehow he knew how to say the right thing at the right time. (I wish I could have Shaun T narrate my life!)

Nyle told me about Shakeology and it was amazing. It’s delicious and helped control my cravings entirely. Plus, it gave me all the energy I needed, and got me ready for my next workout—P90x. I was terrified at first, but when I finished the first workout without throwing up, I felt like the strongest woman alive. Tony kept me going—he’s both intense and goofy, which motivates me perfectly.

Today, I can’t even believe the difference in my life. My before-and-after photos are amazing. I’ve lost more than 30 pounds. I sleep better. I don’t huff and puff up stairs anymore. I’m so much stronger. My posture is better. I like myself. And the other day I went to buy jeans and started crying in the store. My boyfriend was worried until I told him that I was crying because I was so happy.

Thanks, Beachbody.” – Katelyn


Congratulations to Katelyn on her amazing results!

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