Turbo Fire And Shakeology Results
Turbo Fire And Shakeology Results

Does Turbo Fire and Shakeology get results?… Napoleon Dynamite would say, “Heck yes it does!”

Just look at Krissa’s before and after picture on the left side of this page. Krissa got amazing results with Turbo Fire and Shakeology.

Not only did Krissa get amazing results, she also won $500 by winning Beachody’s daily Beachbody Challenge contest.

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This is what Krissa had to say about here weight loss journey.

“I was on an emotional rollercoaster. My eating was out of control. I would have a few good days followed by days of horrific eating, and I felt like I was failing as a wife. All areas of my life were suffering. To put it simply, I was ashamed.

At this time, my husband booked a vacation to Mexico. I had 12 weeks to lose weight, and I was determined to feel good about myself on the beach. Then through Facebook, I met new fitness friends who were Beachbody junkies. They introduced me to Shakeology. It tasted great, satisfied my sweet tooth and provided my body with nutrients. On top of this, I found my exercise program.

TurboFire is my soul mate workout. I feel so happy just when I think about it! It motivates me and I look forward to it every morning. I sweat so much but forget I am exercising! The music is amazing and keeps me going. Even when I am tired, I hear Chalene say, “You are not tired.” and that pushes me a little more. With TurboFire, I lost 22 pounds and feel so much better. I was able to actually wear my bikini without feeling ashamed. And I’m more proud of my mindset. I feel like I can take things to the next level and that is why I love Beachbody.”

What an awesome success story. Congratulations to Krissa for having such amazing results. It might seem weird how a workout program like Turbo Fire, or any Beachbody workout for that matter, can literally be life changing. You have to actually do one of these workout programs to understand what all of they hype is about. It’s weird, it is like they are addicting, but in a good way.

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