Lorenzo Alexander Does P90x
Lorenzo Alexander Does P90x

It is a professional athlete’s job to be in the best shape possible. They get paid millions of dollars to be able to perform to the best of their ability. With millions of dollars at hand, professional athletes are able to hire a team of trainers and personal chefs to help them achieve results. With all of that available to them, athletes are still CHOOSING to use P90x instead of working out with a personal trainer. This is not surprising, P90x has been proven that is produces amazing results, even for professional athletes.

Washington Redskin Lorenzo Alexander is the latest athlete to credit P90x for the dramatic change in not only his physique, but in his all around game. While other NFL players are spending their off season chasing tail on the beach, Lorenzo is “Bringing It” and 2011 will most likely have a career changing season as a result.

The quote below was taken from an article at www.hogshaven.com written by Kevin Ewoldt:

“Alexander, who started 11 games this season, said he’s already lost at least 10 pounds — he’s between 255-260 now — just doing Pilates, P90X, riding his bike and watching his diet. He’ll soon start doing MMA training with ex-Redskin linebacker Eddie Mason.”

Great Job Lorenzo, looking forward to watching you in the 2011 NFL season.

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