P90x is a great workout for mixed martial arts fighters. MMA can arguably be the most intense sport there is, fighters need to have superior strength and endurance to any other athletes in any other sports. A typical MMA fight is 3, 5 minute grueling rounds of torture for both opponents, this is why MMA fighter need to be in the best shape of their lives before stepping into the cage. That is also why P90x is such a great workout for MMA fighters, it focuses on strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, and core strength, all of the important aspects that MMA fighters need to focus on.

Because the P90x workout uses mostly body weight exercises, MMA fighters do not need to worry about packing on bulky muscles and having to move up a weight class. P90x will enhance the explosiveness needed to take your opponent to the ground and pummel him quickly.

Below is a video of 2 professional MMA fighters who specialize in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and incorporate P90x into their workouts. Tony Horton, the creator of P90x, even stopped by the mixed martial arts to meet the fighters and get in a workout. As Tony says, these MMA fighters are “Bringing It!


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