I apologize for the late review of Day 8…today has been a very busy day so this is my 1st chance to write a review.

Day 8 is obviously the start of Week 2 of 3 of the Reset. Whereas Week 1 was labeled, “Reclaim,” Week 2 is labeled “Release” for obvious reasons.

My meals for Day 8 consisted of the following:

Breakfast – Blueberries (1 cup), Navel Orange (7 segments), Grapes (1 cup)

Obviously this is an easy meal to “make” so not only is it very tasty, it’s quick and effortless!!!

Lunch – Microgreen Salad, Creamy Garlic Dressing, Avoacado (1/8 sliced)

So there I was in Day 8 of 21 of the Reset eating another salad. Although I do like salad a lot, I will say this Reset makes the taste of lettuce get old real quick!!! I did switch up the dressing for this week which was a nice change, but I’m kinda over eating salad. I will say though that these salads are very easy to make so they have that going for them.

Dinner – Pinto Beans and Rice, Zucchini (1 cup), String Beans w/Lemon

Ultimate Reset
Ultimate Reset

Now this is more like it!!! Although I’m not a big fan of zucchini, I do love beans and rice and I love string beans even more! All 3 of these things were easy to make and the string beans w/lemon recipe is one that I will use long after the Reset as it makes the string beans even more delicious than usual!

Supplements for Day 8:

All the supplements are the same as week 1, but a “Detox” packet is added 3x/day…before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve read numerous reviews of people complaining about the taste of the “Detox,” but IMO, the “Alkalanize” is still worse…haha.

Closing out my review of Day 8, here are my 2 favorite things about the Reset so far as well as my 2 least favorite things about the Reset:


1) I do not like to cook. This is the main reason I’m overweight, out of shape, etc. Through the 1st 8 days of the Reset, I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy the recipes are and this is coming from someone who can barely tell the difference between a spoon and a fork…lol.

2) I love fruit and this Reset includes eating a lot of fruit so if you’re a fruit lover like I am, the Reset is definitely for you!!!

Least Favorite

1) I understand the importance of drinking water throughout the day, but there has to be something else we can drink that isn’t bad for you like soda, coffee, etc. Drinking over 100 ounces of water/day is becoming  redundant and my taste buds are yearning for something different.

2) I’ve wasted a lot of food on the Reset. The ingredient list for the most part includes portions that are very small so when you use what you need to make a meal, you have a lot left over that won’t be used again. Not only is the Reset expensive, but I hate to waste food.

All in all, I’m very happy after the 1st 8 days of the Reset that I took this challenge. 8 down, 13 to go!!!


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