P90x ReviewToday was day 15 of my P90x workout and the workout was chest and back and ab ripper x. I missed a day last week so yesterday I did the P90x stretch routine and instead of doing the kenpo x workout I went to my muay thai kickboxing class. I probably could of skipped the stretch but I need all the flexibility help I can get.

Anyhow, today’s chest and back workout went very well. It was my third time doing this workout and I feel like it is getting a little bit easier. Today was the first time using the push up stands and they do make a difference. The push up stands enable me to bring my chest down further providing a wider range of motion, I could definitely feel the difference and the amount of push up reps I was able to do stayed the same and in some cases a little lower.

Ab Ripper X followed the chest and back workout. As Tony Horton says, “Ab ripper x…I hate it…But I love it.” That’s how I feel too. It is a tough routine but I’ve been increasing getter better and better.

About 4 hours after my workout I went my jiu jitsu class and my chest and back muscles were still fatigued. To make things worse at the end of the class we did push ups, I could barely do 20, it was the worse.

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