Ultimate Reset Day 1
My Ultimate Reset Day 1 Breakfast

Today was my first day of the 21 day Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Not being able to have my morning cup of coffee today was brutal, but I’ll get over it. I normally have one or two cups a day, so I’m not terribly addicted to caffeine, but I like the taste and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

The breakfast for the Ultimate Reset day 1 was 2 eggs, steamed kale, and whole grain toast. I don’t know my way around the kitchen at all. If I had to rate my cooking skills on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give myself a 1, seriously, I’m that bad. Well, it’s not so much that I am bad, more that I just never learned or had a desire to learn to cook. With that being said, so far my biggest troubles have been preparing the meals.

This morning was the first time in my life that I ever ate kale. I didn’t know how to prepare it, so I went over to youtube and found this video which showed me how to do it.

Ultimate Reset

 The taste of kale wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it was edible. For lunch I had a micro greens salad with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, toasted sunflower seeds, and topped it off with a homemade creamy garlic dressing. The meal was good, but it seemed to take me like 2 hours to prepare it. Again, I move extremely slow in the kitchen, so chances are that you will be better and faster at preparing your meals than I am.

For a midday snack I had a granny smith apple and some almonds. It was tasty, but it is now getting close to dinner time and I’m pretty hungry. I usually eat much more than this throughout the day. However, because the Beachbody Ultimate Reset strictly prohibits any kind of working out, I’m burning less calories.

Dinner will be salmon, asparagus, and roasted potatoes. Luckily for me my wife will be cooking dinner. What would take me 2 hours she can get done in 30 minutes. So far I’m not sure how I feel about my first day of the Ultimate Reset, this is going to be tough.

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