New England Patriots Cheerleaders Use P90x
New England Patriots Cheerleaders Use P90x In Their Workouts

In between plays everyone loves to watch cheerleaders. They are always in such great shape and I often wonder what they do to get that way. Maybe they just have great genes and are born that way, maybe the only eat salads with no dressing, maybe they do P90x. I’ll go with the latter, according to, the New England Patriots’ cheerleaders have been using P90x to get in shape. Maybe if we can get Tom Brady to do a round of P90x the Partiots can win another Super Bowl, it’s been about 5 years since he won his last ring.

Behind the tight abs and toned arms of the New England Patriots cheerleaders are months of circuit training, running ramps, kicks, and workouts including the famed grueling and effective P90X Exercise Program, according to the squad’s director/choreographer, Warwick’s Tracy Sormanti.

“The Patriots cheerleaders work extremely hard to stay fit,” says Sormanti. “Six sets of eight kicks, running the ramps at the stadium, and their own personal workouts are key components to their fitness programs.

“Couple that with a ‘no junk food policy’ in the locker room, which carries over into their personal lives, and it lends to overall healthiness,” Sormanti says. “That gives these women a feeling a confidence and empowerment — you look good, feel good, you perform even better.”

Their bodies are proof, P90x does work. It seems as if P90x is becoming a household name and is being mentioned in the media on a daily basis. Everyone for your everyday Joe Sixpack who lost 60 pounds and got ripped in 90 days, or the professional athlete who is having the best season of his career after doing a round of P90x, everyone seems to be doing P90x. Are you next?

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