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Every Beachbody Coach that is serious about there business should have a short term monthly goal of at least making Success Club 5 every month, Success Club 10 if you are ambitious. By not having a specific goal to shoot for every month, you are aimlessly going through the motions. It is impossible to get a “bulls-eye” if you are not shooting at a target.

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.” -Brian Tracy

In regards to the quote above, making Success Club should be every Beachbody Coach’s clear and written short term monthly goal.

To make Success Club each month, you have to focus on getting Success Club points, which means your focus must be on Challenge Pack sales and Shakelogy HD (home direct) sales. Often times we encounter a customer that just wants to “try out” Shakeology and order a one month’s supply. Which is good because as a Coach you’d earn a $30 commission, but it also sucks because if their order isn’t on HD, you won’t earn a Success Club point, which means you won’t be moving towards your goal of making Success Club for the month.

If you have a customer that wants to place a one time order, there is a very simple way to entice that customer to make their order a HD order. It is important to let your customer know that if they order on HD, they will get free shipping which will save them nearly $11. You can let the customer know that even if they only want a month’s supply, they can still order on HD to receive the free shipping, then they can call and cancel their HD order in 2-3 weeks and they won’t be back charged the cost of shipping. It is a good idea to let your customer know that you will call them in 3 weeks to see how they are liking Shakeology, and to also to remind them to cancel their HD order if they don’t want another month’s supply. What you are hoping for is that the customer loves Shakeology and decides that they want to keep their HD order active, but you don’t want to be pushy. It is also important to let them know that cancelling their HD order is a simple process that takes just a couple of minutes. If the customer decides to place their order on HD, they get free shipping, and you get a Success Club point, its a win/win for both of you.

Shakeology To Challenge Pack Upsell

If you have a customer that wants to make a one time purchase, it is important to let them know their options and ways they can save money and get the best deal. For just a little more money, a customer can go with a Challenge Pack and get a workout for over half off. Here is a quick breakdown on some pricing scenarios:

As you can see from the numbers above, when ordering a Challenge Pack, the customer can get a workout, in this case I used Slim In 6 as an example which normally retails for ($39.90 plus $6.95 for shipping, and $3.59 for tax) $50.44 when purchased separately, basically for free. It is actually cheaper to order the Challenge Pack versus placing a one-time Shakeology order.

If a customer just wants to place a one time order for Shakeology, you can let them know that for just a the same price (or a little bit more, depending on which workout program they want), they can get a Challenge Pack and bundle a workout with their Shakeology order to get a great deal. Its important to always figure in the cost of shipping and taxes because those amounts can be significant.

Challenge Pack sales are worth 2 Success Club points, so each sale will put you closer to your goal of making Success Club. Also, keep in mind that anyone that purchases a Challenge Pack can become a Coach for free anytime. This makes your Challenge Pack customers your best leads for becoming new Coaches. You can contact these customers a month or 2 down the road, explain to them the benefits of the Coaching opportunity, and let them know they can get started for free because they’ve purchased a Challenge Pack.

The bottom line is that you want to communicate with your customer, let them know their different options, and how they can save money and get the best value. Don’t try to be a salesman/saleswoman, but rather an information provider. Your goal should be to provide your customer with the information they need to help them make an informed decision.

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