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Base Kit – $119.85 The P90x2 Base Kit includes 12 workouts, the P90x2 workout guide, the P90x2 nutrition guide, and the P90x2 workout calendar.

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P90x2 Deluxe Kit – $239.85 The P90x 2 Deluxe Kit comes with everything included in the base kit, plus 2 bonus workouts, 2, 8 pound medicine balls, a smooth foam roller, and the new Beachbody stability ball (which is different from a normal stability ball).

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The Ultimate Kit – $299.85 The P90x2 Ultimate Kit comes with everything included in the Deluxe Kit, plus a you get a better, higher quality foam roller, and Tony Horton’s power stands for achieving more range of motion and maximum results from push ups.

P90x2 Ultimate Kit

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