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P90x $14.95 TV Offer – Wait! Read The Fine Print

Did you see the $14.95 P90x offer on TV and are wondering where to get it? If so, you will be happy that you came across this post. I’m going to explain how it works and why it may not be as good as it might sound.

$14.95 P90x TV Offer – I’ve Got Some Bad News

With the special $14.95 P90x offer, $14.95 is not the total cost. I seen the commercial myself just a few minutes ago and they make it sound like $14.95 is going to be the final cost, when it is really just a “trial offer”. With this offer, the customer is also billed $39.95 every 30 days, 3 more times.

So if we do the math, this is what it will end up costing you: $14.95+$39.95+$39.95+$39.95=$134.80

So the P90x $14.95 special TV offer ends up costing $134.80, which is more than the actual retail cost of $119.85. But because the special offer is giving you free shipping, it ends up being pretty close to the same price either way. So once we do the math we can see that although the $14.95 P90x offer sounds like a good deal, there really isn’t anything special about it. The guys behind these commercials are experienced marketers and they do a great job at promoting the products, and using the strategy of price conditioning to get consumers to “buy now”. It is called direct response marketing and these guys are the best in the business at it.

Better Deal Than The $14.95 P90x TV Offer!

You’ll be happy to know that there is an even better available to you than the $14.95 P90x  TVoffer. If you purchase P90x from any link at this website, the cost is $119.85 plus tax and shipping and handling. But you will also 2 free bonus workout DVDs – a $40 value. The 2 bonus workout DVDs you get are:

  1. Fountain of Youth – Tony’s favorite yoga moves in less time. Perfect for when you don’t have the time to complete Yoga X.
  2. Mammoth UML – Tony’s ultimate Upper-Middle-Lower workout. Great for when you’re on the road.

Now With Even More Bonuses!

Updated on 3-11-2013 – When you order P90x from the link below, you now get 2 the bonus workouts listed above ($40 Value), AND 5 P90x Plus Advanced Workouts ($130 Value) for FREE! 

(*These bonuses are not available when ordering through the infomercial, just the link below.)

Click Here To Get The Best Deal On P90x – 7 Free Bonus Workout DVDS!

This offer is a exclusive to Beachbody Coaches only, which means when you order from this website, you will get these special bonuses.

You will also get a 90 day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy for any reason, just send it back within 90 days and you will get a full refund of your purchase price. No questions asked, no silly games to play or hoops to jump through.

If you want to pay in installments, just use a credit card. I never understood the “3 easy payments of…” method and why people seem to love it so much. From a marketing standpoint, it does sound good, but if you think about it, when you purchase with a credit card, aren’t you able to make your own installment payments. You can purchase the product with your credit card, and then choose to pay $15, $20, $30, or however much you want each month. How is that any different from $14.95 P90x offer and the company billing you every 30 days for $39.95? Sure there may be some small interest charges on the credit card that you use, but because the overall price of P90x is so low, those interest charges will be minimal.

So if you want to create your own installment payments, simply use your credit card and pay what you want each  month. Don’t fall for the marketing strategy, “Only 3 Easy Payments Of $39.95!”, it ends up being the exact same thing…does that make sense?

Click Here To Get The Best Deal On P90x – 7 Free Bonus Workout DVDS!

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