P90x In SchoolsI have thought about this in the past and it is something that I think is a great idea. What if schools added P90x to their curriculum as an elective? To me this would be a great idea. It could definitely work as a college course, but their may be some issues with charging students to take the course. I think their might be some sort of law against someone making money from having P90x classes but I am not sure of all the details. I’m sure there could be a way around it, colleges could charge a “lab fee” for the cost of all the equipment needed, dumbells, resistance bands, yoga mats, and etc.

I particularly like the idea of having P90x as a course for teens in high school. it may be a good idea to limit it to seniors only, P90x it is an intense workout and it might not be a good idea for a 14 year old freshman going through puberty to take part in this workout program, I’m not sure, we’d have to consult with a physician and see what their thoughts on the matter are.

Since classes in high school are typically an hour long, most of the P90x workouts would have to be modified and edited to be able to fit in the allotted time. This is something that could easily be done gym teacher. The P90x workouts are all close to an hour long already, so to shorten the duration of the workout, you could just take out a few of the workouts, pick the ones that you feel are the easiest or the least effective. You could also shorten the length of the warm up and the cool down. Doing these few things would definitely make each P90x workout short enough to fit in the the time of a class.

Since P90x is a 7 day a week workout, with the 7th day being optional, schools would also have to come up with a slight schedule modification. A good idea would be to give the students a lsit of  “homework” exercises that they have to perform for an hour at home on a Saturday morning. Of course, some will slack and not do the homework, but those who are serious and really want to see results will stick to the schedule.

There is already one school I know of that is doing not only P90x, but also Insanity as part of their fitness program. Felix Varela Senior High, in Florida is already doing this (read about here). I honestly believe that in the future you will continue to see more and more schools adding these workout programs to their curriculum. The reason is very simple, these program produce results, or, (as the infomercials say) your money back!…But wait! There’s more!!!..

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