P90x Certified
Coming Soon!...P90x Certification

Soon you will be able to become P90x certified! Beachbody just announced that they are launching the first-ever P90x certification program. Soon, you’ll be able to build your Beachbody Coach business faster and Bring It better!

Become one of the first Coaches to get P90x certified to gain knowledge, credibility, and sales fuel. Feel like an “X Master” when discussing training options with your customers. You can use it to pump up your sales, or teach P90x in a gym. The opportunity is here. Grab it.

Be one of the first to get P90x Certified. You’ll have the credibility and opportunity to motivate, inspire, and train others. Just like the P90x workout, Certification is real training and includes:

  • An online qualifying course
  • Intensive, 2-day, live training with certified trainers
  • A resource manual
  • A physical certificate and an electronic badge

Build a business through Certification: Whether you want to teach in a gym environment, pump up your success as a Beachbody Coach, or just increase your Xpertise in P90X Certification will help you Bring It better!

This is a great news and is a great way for Beachbody Coaches to grow their business. Get certified to get your foot in the door a local gyms in your area. Sponsor a few Coaches from that gym, have them get certified, and the classed down to them so you can move on to the next gym. You acquire lots of new customers and coaches!

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