P90x Superman PoseToday was officially day 29 of my P90x workout. Yesterday was day 27 so I realized I lost a day somewhere and wanted to catch up. Day 28 is the rest or stretch option. I was feeling pretty good today so I decided to skip the stretch and jump right into week 5, day 29. I’m sure it would of been fine to be a day behind, there are going to be those days when something comes up and you’re not able to get a workout in that day. In those cases I think the right thing to do is to just continue on the next day. It might take you 92 or 93 days to get through your p90x 90 day workout, but that’s life.

So today was day 29 and the workout was core synergistics. This was only my second time doing this workout. This is a tough workout and I worked up a pretty good sweat. Core synergistics is a total body workout that incorporates cardio, stretching, and resistance to strengthen the core muscles. Building a solid foundation with strong supporting muscles is the goal of this state of the art workout. By strengthening your core, you’ll be more prepared to tackle the resistance and cardio moves throughout the P90x program., while reducing your chance of injury, You’ll also improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination.

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