We'll Make You Cancel Your Gym Membership
Don't Run Into These Guys At "The Gym"

Are you still going to they gym? Going to the gym is sooo 80’s. The only people hitting the gyms nowadays are those dudes from the Jersey Shore, you know, the situation guy.

But seriously, it seems that more and more people are canceling there gym memberships and working out from home. It only makes sense, there is no commute time, which can easily be a half hour roundtrip, and you don’t have to waste money on gas, which seems to only be climbing these days. And you’ll also save money by cancelling your membership, which can be anywhere from $20 to $50 a month.

Making the decision to cancel your gym membership is a no brainer, it will save you time and money. Instead of doing the same workout you’ve been doing twice a week for the past 4 years at your gym, switch it up a little bit and invest in a home workout like P90x or Insanity.

P90x and Insanity both require very little equipment and space and are great choices when looking for workouts you can do at home. You will have purchase the workout programs, but you will actually save money over time when compared to the prices of gym memberships.

Don’t be scared to give P90x or Insanity a try, anyone can do them and if you stick to the program, you will be amazed at the results you achieve.

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