Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo P90x Weight Loss Challenge
Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo P90x Weight Loss Challenge

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Popular Latino radio and television personality Eddie ‘Piolin’ Sotelo is well-known for putting the best interests of his listeners first. His past campaigns have encouraged them to vote, register for citizenship and lend their voices to calls for immigration reform.

Now ‘Piolin’ – a nickname picked up in his youth that translates as ‘tweety bird’ – is launching his most important campaign ever – one that could literally save lives. He has joined forces with Beachbody, the company behind the popular P90X workout, and announced the Piolin P90x weight loss challenge.

The Piolin P90x weight loss challenge is of particular importance to his core audience as studies have shown that Latino adults are significantly more likely to be obese or overweight than their non-Hispanic counterparts.

This potentially spells trouble for future generations as children tend to follow the lead of their parents when it comes to their own exercise and fitness regimes. Around 30 per cent of Mexican-American children aged five and under are classed as obese. This is particularly disturbing as, within the entire American population, just under 25 per cent are classed as obese. Children with weight problems at such a young age tend to retain them into adolescence.

The P90x program is an intense training regimen that promises to completely transform your body, shredding fat, toning muscles and boosting fitness levels, over the course of three months.

At the core of the regimen is something called muscle confusion. Most workout systems produce great results in the early stages but then reach a plateau as the body becomes used to the level of exercise. With P90x, the intensity level is increased at regular intervals and new exercises and movements are introduced throughout. This means your muscles never have a chance to get used to a particular set of stimuli and continue to be pushed to their limits.

P90x also has the advantage of being a home-based program, saving on gym membership but also allowing for a great element of flexibility in when and where workouts are carried out, making it easier to complete the entire regimen regardless of your schedule. Muscle confusion allows gains to be made throughout the entire 90 day period and many devotees of the program have seen spectacular physical transformations as a result.

While some may worry that, even with celebrity endorsement as part of the Piolin weight loss challenge, the P90x system is nothing more than a fad, there is clear, indpendent evidence that it actually works. A study by the American Council on Exercise found that P90x actually surpasses the fitness industry standards when it comes to boosting cardio-respiratory performance and losing weight.

P90x also includes a nutritional plan and a major part of the Piolin weight loss challenge will focus on the importance of eating the right foods as well as undertaking a rigorous exercise program in order to maintain good overall health.

Motivation is an important factor in weight loss and fitness training. The Piolin weight loss challenge will provide plenty as he will be talking about the products and the program on his hugely popular radio show on a regular basis. There will also be live events where listeners will be able to learn more and try out some Beachbody nutritional products for themselves including the Shakeology meal replacement drink.

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