Daniel Negreanu Does P90x
Daniel Negreanu Does P90x

Professional poker player Daniel Negreanu is the latest addition to the list of celebrities that do P90x. While Poker many not officially be considered a “sport”, which is debatable, it is still covered highly on ESPN and Fox Sports. Also, the 12 hour poker tournaments that Daniel Negreanu often cashes in, can be physically and mentally grueling. With millions of dollars at stake it only makes sense be in the best shape you can while playing poker, this is why Daniel has been doing P90x.

In one of Daniel’s recent blog post at www.CardPlayer.com,  he mentioned his P90x Kenpo workout, this is what he said:

I did Kenpo which is part of the P90X workout I’m doing and it’s the funnest one for sure but still gets you sweating pretty hard.

Daniel Negreanu has made some serious money playing poker. At the World Series of Poker alone, As of May 2010, his total live tournament winnings from the are recorded at $12,583,677, second on the all time money list. His 43 cashes at the WSOP account for $3,309,349 of those winnings. He is also the leading money winner on the World Poker Tour circuit. With the amount of money Daniel has made, he could easily afford to have a personal trainer workout with him on a daily basis, but he still chooses to use P90x. Why? Because it works.

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