Evan Valiere Asylum Workout
Evan Valiere Does Insanity The Asylum

Surfing is a very challenging sport. In order to be a professional surfer, you have to be in great shape. Not being in the best shape possible can potentially be life threatening. Taking a bad wipeout on one of those ginormous waves these guys ride can be very dangerous. If a surfer is tired, or out of shape, he/she might struggle with swimming back up to the surface and regaining their composure.

Actively surfing several times a week is a great workout for the body and enough to keep anyone in shape. But if you are a professional, of have aspirations on becoming a professional surfer, you’ll want to go above and beyond just surfing. As a professional athlete in any sport you want your body to be in the absolute best shape possible. Not for “looks” purposes, but for performance purposes.

This is why professional surfer Evan Valiere works out with Insanity The Asylum. This workout is convienent for Evan because there are no weights or fancy equipment needed. It also challenges his body and provides all of the moves needed to  increase his overall athletic performance, and more importantly his surfing skillset.

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In the video below, Evan Valiere talks about his Insanity: The Asylum workouts and what he loves about them.

Surfer Workout

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