As the P90x exercise program is becoming more and more popular, the list of celebrities and professional athletes that are doing P90x continues to grow also. Here is a list that I compiled of well known people who have used or are using P90x.

Todd Helton Uses P90xSheryl Crow Uses P90xDavid Akers Uses P90xPink Uses P90xJerry Stackhouse Does P90x

All of these well known stars and athletes choosing to do P90x over hiring a personal trainer shows us that P90x does work. It is also important to note that none of the names mentioned above were paid to endorse P90x, they did so because the genuinely love it and you can tell from the physiques that they have had great results.

Do you know of any other famous celebrities or athletes that are using P90x? If so let us know in the comments section below.

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