Seth McClung Does P90xAnother professional athlete starts the P90x workout. Nicknamed “Big Red”, Seth McClung is a professional baseball player. In his career, he has pitched as a starting pitcher and as a relief pitcher. Seth recently started the P90x workout. His first day was November 9th, 2009.

Seth has even created his own blog to talk about his workouts and to show his results.

On his blog he talk about why he choose the P90x workout and he had some really good things to say.

The 2 paragraphs below were take right from Seth’s blog:

“My problem areas are two things, Consistency of strength training and Consistency of eating well. Growing up I could eat anything and not gain extra fat. As a adult I fight the eating patterns I established as a youth. I will eat well one day, poor the next.

I picked the P90X program because I have heard positive feed back from many of my peers. I also did research and spoke with the representatives of P90X. I learned of the programs core philosophy and eating guidelines. As an athlete that preforms at an elite level, I am exposed to some of the best workouts and information out there. P90X is a high quality product and I am excited to get started. I plan to use P90X not to just help me prepare for our long season but also to allow me to maintain control of my body shape. In doing so, place me in position to live a healthy active lifestyle after my playing career is over.”

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