Brad Davis Does P90x
Brad Davis Does P90x

I recently read an article at about a professional soccer player for the Houston Dynamos, Brad Davis. The article talks about how Brad is in much better shape this season than he was last season, and after 9 years of being in the league is in the best shape of his career and playing his best soccer. Brad credits his diet change and his new workout routine, which P90x is a part of.

Brad didn’t completely follow the P90x routine, he just took certain workouts from the program and implemented them into his own routine.

This is what Brad Davis had to say, “I’ve never felt better than I do now and I said that last year,” Davis said. “I was 10 pounds heavier [last year]. I see results and I’m more confident. I just think I needed to help the team more. I was helping the team, but as a young guy, I was missing way too many games.

Brad Davis has been added to the list of professional athletes that do P90x. I’m not surprised so many athletes are making P90x part of their workout routine, its simple and it works.

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